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January 6, 2013
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Naruto OC - Kaga Kiriku Info Sheet by WarriorAngel36 Naruto OC - Kaga Kiriku Info Sheet by WarriorAngel36
The following Character belongs to me, and belongs to my upcoming/newly created Naruto Story (which needs to be named and planned out), so there is only a small amount of information i can say about her

note: changed her element to water, i originally thought it would suite her more anyways lol

AAAH.... Kirikuu~~ x333 my new favorite OC that i got from a friend >3< so adorable~


Name: Kaga Kiriku
Age: 12/13 (Pre-Gen), 15/16 (Shippuden)
Rank: Genin (Pre-Gen), Chuunin (Shippuden)
Elements: Water (but mainly uses her ninja scrolls)
Ninjutsu: Uses Ninja Scrolls
Affiliation: Konohagakure
Personality/Traits: strong, kind, active, outgoing, cheerful (now and then), courageous, strong-willed, ill-tempered (around Kishō)
Crush: None
Bf: None
Bff: Hyuuga Hayami
Quotes: "Kishō, you idiot!" "Stop fooling around, Kishō!" "Kishō has no sense of direction! Let me lead the group instead!" "If Kishō wasn't so much of a flirt, i would respect him more." "I'm proud to be a Kunoichi of Konoha!" "I have Kishō and Hayami... what could possibly go wrong?"

+*~Genin Team~*+
Team #: 12
Sensei: Harada Inari
Teammate #1: Hyuuga Hayami
Teammate #2: Shima Kishō

+*~About Kiriku~*+
Kiriku belongs to Team 12 of Konoha, and is a teammate to Hayami and Kishō. Kiriku managed to befriend Hayami during their academy days, since Hayami was alone, and didn't have any friends. Kiriku is a strong-willed girl, is very kind to Hayami (as a close/best friend), is outgoing and active, and is ill-tempered whenever Kishō fools around, flirts/hangs out with crowds of girls... and trying to hit on both her and Hayami. Kiriku mainly uses Ninja Scrolls for her Ninjutsu, and can also uses the Wind Release. Kiriku is the 'brains' of the group, and often likes to lead on whenever their sensei isn't around. She still does even though she's a Chuunin alongside Kishō and Hayami.

[more will be updated later]

to be updated later

+*~Other things~*+
[will update/finish this later]

Kiriku's hobbies are training, hanging out with Hayami, and yelling at Kishō.
Kiriku wishes to fight -- (need to decide)
Kiriku's favorite foods are Cherries and Watermelon's. Her least favorite are Pineapple's.
Kiriku's favorite phrase is "Kishō, you idiot!"

How come Kiriku dislikes Kishō so much? Well... first of, Kishō is a flirt (hence the reason why he is a 'ladies man' because girls like to be around him), he sometimes doesn't know what he's doing (he's absent-minded), he fools around too much, and is a klutz. Other than that, Kiriku really doesn't mind Kishō when he becomes more serious and helps out.
(i will try to post more info on Kishō later to explain more about him)


will finish this when i come up with more information and the her storyline

Kaga Kiriku belongs to me (c)
Art used were made by ~Tsukikamii-Hinako (fullbody with scroll) and ~ThaisDelrey (c)
Naruto belongs to Kishimoto
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