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August 4
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Kodaiki-Academy App - Date Eisaku by WarriorAngel36 Kodaiki-Academy App - Date Eisaku by WarriorAngel36
hoping to join again xD

lmfao omg i am soo god damn forgetful
-fill out app on photoshop for info-


Name: Date Eisaku

Age: 17

Date Of Birth: June 15th

Year: Second Year

Height: 5'9

Club: Music Club

Kind: He is very kind towards others, and loves to be around his friends and classmates. During these times, he would gladly help others out
Caring: He is caring towards those he cherishes and loves, and he always thinks of others before himself
Clumsy: He can sometimes get a little careless when walking (into people, walls/etc if distracted by something, tripping)
Romantic: He can become romantic towards someone he deeply cares about, and would always love his moments with his cherished one
Understanding: He is very understanding and forgiving, but he is careful not to go overboard on this 
Fussy: He can sometimes get a little fussy of things (say during science experiments gone wrong)
Impatient: He can get a little impatient at times, doesn't like the waiting 

Bio: Eisaku grew up in a small town with two loving parents and 3 siblings. He is the youngest of them all. His older brother works for a business company (and is married with a son), his sister is a veterinarian (who is engaged to be married) and his second brother is in university (with a girlfriend). His father works overseas, so he doesn't often see him unless its the holidays (and birthday, if manageable). His mother is a nurse. Growing up, Eisaku was often outdoors and playing with the neighborhood children. Eisaku got along well with his three older siblings, and hopes that one day he can be just like them, successful in life, and even find someone to marry... though his mom tells him he's far too young to think such things... haha

During Elementary School, Eisaku made many new friends, and always played together during recess, lunch and after school at their houses or his own. He got bullied here and there by the older kids, but managing to stick up for himself after some time, he was left alone. 

During Middle School, Eisaku started gaining interest in girls. He was never successful in dating one until his last year of Middle School. Everything went well until she suddenly moved away, her parents getting a new job in another city. He also did very good in his classes during Middle School. 

During his break before starting High School, Eisaku didn't know what school he wanted to go to. Finally seeing a school he found interested, he begged his parents to let him attend Kodaiki Academy. After enrolling to the school, he was finally selected to become a part of its community. Now, Eisaku cannot wait to make new friends... and perhaps find himself a new love to spend his days with... though will he ever get over his previous girlfriend?

-Friends and Family
-Science and P.E
-Playing sports and playing instruments
-His dog, Ginichi (whom he misses very much)

-Being alone for long periods of time (he likes to be around others)
-Track (he hates the long runs/sprints xD)
-Missing classes (he doesn't want to fail/grades to drop)

Sexual Preference: Bisexual

-unsure yet (-thinking-)
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