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7-sword App - Fujita Jomei by WarriorAngel36 7-sword App - Fujita Jomei by WarriorAngel36
:new: updated most of his information

Registration APP for :icon7-sword: thats made by :iconcielo-the-sky:
might be a few errors, most likely, and wasn't sure on a few things

just to be clear on some stuff: 
-i randomize the amount of mission's done (i never rly done them before for my oc's)
-the total amount of the jutsu thinggy roster is 47 (so close to the max limit)
-i'm still working on his backstory so not entirely sure if the ages i choose for his promotion from genin to chuunin to jounin MIGHT be correct... 
-Most details of Jomei were simply copied from his visual profile i am working on

Roster stats
Ninjutsu: 8/10
Taijutsu: 2/10
Ginjutsu: 0/10
Intelligence: 8/10
Strength: 7/10
Speed: 8/10
Stamina: 8/10
Seals: 6/10



=to be given=


[Jomei's Childhood] 

Jomei grew up in the Kiri Village. Born as a single child to the poor family of Fujita, Jomei's poor lifestyle never harmed him. Jomei was always strong-spirited and was very outgoing. His love and will for playing and fighting with other children is what kept him going. He had an upbeat personality and was quite aggressive.

Growing up, inspired by the great 7 Swordsmen of the Kiri Village, Jomei dreamed of becoming like one of them. Getting to meet the current Kiba Swordsman, Jomei destined himself to becoming the next Kiba user. Grabbing two small logs and carving out two small wooden, Kiba like swords, Jomei began to train himself in order to succeed the current Kiba Swordsmen.

Jomei was quite the troublemaker among the other kids, students of the academy and his village itself. With a bit of his aggressive side, he likes to cause trouble and to cause fights among the other children. His outgoing nature is what keeps him going and has a love for adventure (and of course fighting). That part of him will never change when he will soon become the next Kiba user... that he desperately wishes to achieve.  

Jomei admires the current Kiba user. Training himself, he uses his wooden copies he made in practices. He soon develops his lightning release at the age of 10, just as Jomei was soon reaching his moment of graduation. He tries to use the lightning release while using his wooden kiba copies, but the lightning nearly cracked/split open his wooden swords, so he retains his lightning release while in practice.

[Jomei and obtaining the Kiba] Still being worked on due to no pre-gen Kiba user

Finally Jomei was reaching his moment of truth: he heads into the Bloody Mist trials to become the next Kiba user. He was very courageous and excited to be in the trials and he desperately wanted to prove his worth to becoming the next Kiba swordsman of his village. Part of this Trial started to change Jomei's personality. 

Jomei was finally chosen to succeed the Kiba Swords and became the youngest but a strong Kiba Swordsman the Kiri Village has ever seen. Ever since Jomei took hold of the Kiba sword (as well as passing the trails) and started training himself to use its power... Jomei began to change from a carefree, outgoing and strong-spirited child into a more cool, calm, rude and silent person who grows a certain blood-lust for fighting and killing. The entire thing shaped his entire personality, but only a small part of him remained: a kind side towards those he cares for. This is where he still keeps a small part of his old self, yet he tries not to be a complete blood-nut killer.

[Jomei and his time as the Kiba Swordsmen] Still being developed as time passes with rping with others

Jomei is mostly quiet during his times throughout the village, and sometimes tries to remain calm and cool around others, but when it comes to being dragged about around with Haon, Jomei cannot help it but to play along. When it comes to having Sushi or Salmon (and its Haon that drags him for some) Jomei begins to get a little happy but sometimes goes into denial and becomes rude.

When Jomei goes into battle (or goes into fights) at first he starts of, always in a calm and cool personality, but when things become heated up, Jomei turns into the blood-lust person who gets out of hand when it comes to fighting. He personaly doesn't ALWAYS lust for blood, only when he gets angry or upset. He keeps his cool most of the time, and does this so that he doesn't always go on a rampage. 

[Jomei and his Rival]

At some point, Jomei meets his soon-to-be Rival, Komagata Takumi of Kumogakure, one of the 8 Blademaster's of his village. At first the two met in a duel while both were on a mission, and after a heated battle, Jomei caused Takumi to lose, and since then, the two became rivals. The two loved the way they fought, and that they found themselves... not exactly equals, but a rivalry to see who can become the strongest among their two villages. Knowing that the two were among their top strongest Shinobi's of their villages, but the two wished to become a strong swordsmen/blademaster's of their shinobi world. 

The two often meet nearly on a regular bases and it always occurs in unexpected places or moments. Sometimes their meetings will happen in their own village's lands, or sometimes in other lands around them. The only thing that is a rarity among them is that the two may ACTUALLY share a spot (such as a tent or a room or something in the wilderness) if they grow tired and wish to rest before continuing their fight. However the two will sit apart all the time, and always give each other death threats (because that was in their nature). 

PLEASE NOTE!: His history before the present time Jomei is yet destined to change depending on the pre-gen Kiba user and how they will interact with Jomei in how he obtained the Kiba sword from them, whether as passed on or murdered for it. Also not to mention that a lot if his history NEEDS to be determined through roleplay and talking to the other rper's


Cool and Calm: He remains cool and calm most of the time, and its a necessary precaution for himself to not loose his temper an control for his blood-lust for killing and fighting
Silent: He tends to like being silent, since there are times he doesn't wish to talk much around people
Rude: He will get rude if someone gets on his nerves
Easily Irritated: He can get easily irritated around others that sometimes bug him too much
Blood-Lust: If he gets too into a fight or a battle against someone (or lots of enemies) he will get more lustful for blood and killings, and its best for allies to avoid him at all costs so that they will not get in between him, his blade, and his target(s)
Gentle: This is a RARITY among all other things. He will be gentle towards those he is very close with, and that only those he knows best and personally knows the most. It is not seen outside of this area.

Traits and Interests

Good Trait(s): helping out his friends and fellow kiri people
Bad Trait(s): being rude and cocky at times, picking unnecessary fights and losing himself in battle/fights
Like(s): Sushi, Swimming, the Rain
Dislike(s): being dragged off without first agreeing to it...
Hobbies: Training and Swimming
Fear(s): Losing those he cares for... and the power of the kiba sword (he's too attached to it)

Dreams and Talents

Goals: To become the strongest swordsman of the Kiri Village !&! To train up the best next-generation Kiba swordsman of the Kiri Village
Occupation: Shinobi (Kiba Swordsman)

Family and Friends

Parent(s): Fujita Josuke (Father) and Fujita/Izumi Kika (Mother)
Sibling(s): None
Relative(s): Unknown [[welcome to add any]]
Pet(s): White Cat [[named Oka]]
Best Friend(s): N/A at the moment
Friend(s): Minatoku Haon
Love Interest(s): None
Rival(s): Komagata Takumi
Enemies: Komagata Takumi
Pupil's-in-training: Kono Mitsuko, Buredo Anba and Sayuri

Ninja Information

Birth Village: Kirigakure
Current Village: Kirigakure
Rank: Jounin
Registration ID: #08256
Teammates: Minatoku Haon (at times)
Sensei: Unknown yet
Nindo: “Follow a path... even if it means to fight for or against those you care for.”
Chakra Element: Lightning
Weapon(s): Kiba Sword

Looks and Appearance

Jomei has short but messy reddish brown hair and wears a kiri-like outfit of blue robes with white outlines of the opening and sleeve ends, bandages over his chest (up to his chin) and black top (that extends out with fingerless holes for the fingers), pants and leg garment. His body structure is well-built for he trains very often to keep in shape and swims a lot as well. He keeps his Kiba swords on his waist together.

Blood Type: A+
Height: 5'9
Weight: 143 lb
Everyday Outfit(s): Blue Yutaka (simlar to his main outfit)

Extra Information

Quote: “If you are willing to test the marksmen of the Kiba Swordsmen... then you have come to the right... PLACE!”
Favorite Food(s): Anything Salmon Related


-Jomei's last name 藤田 (Fujita) means "Field" whilst his first name 助命 (Jomei) means "Spread Light"
-Jomei is afraid of losing those he cares for
-Jomei's main goal in life is to become the strongest swordsman in his village and even all across the Shinobi lands
-Jomei is known to keep cats in his home (mostly strays) but owns a white cat named "Oka"
-His hobbies are Training and Swimming
-Jomei wants to fight Komagata Takumi to see who is the strongest swordsman
-Jomei's favorite foods are anything relating to Salmon (fish or Sushi mostly)
-Jomei's favorite word is "Come" (来る, Kuru)


APP and Haon by/belongs to :iconcielo-the-sky: (c)
Mitsuko belongs to :iconblublazefire0: (c)
Two other Pupils belong to :iconminakokaguya: and :iconsaturnflower: (c)
Takumi belongs to me (c)
Unknown Kiba user yet to be determined by a user 
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also edited ALOT of my information on my oc, and i clarified alot of points for his personality too since i think it was hard to point out what each personality meant actually and added more info to his profile and made sections for each part... however i want to let u know most of the info will NEED to be rped out, since i cannot just make it up, especially when it comes to the pre-gen kiba user, i NEED an rper for that information to be expanded too
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I understand about the pre-gen to , I also did a RP with me pre-gen.

But I just want to know about Jomei <:"3

Well , that's not everyone that have their pre-gen or next-gen So I dicide not to ask about them in profile. I just want to know about each chracter's background. Like how he become a ninja and how he come to the top that can become the 7 swords.

About Pre-gen and Next gen , I will make a side-mission for that later <:"3
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First thing is , OK I know you already talk to Elly about Mitsuko , But I want you to write about YOURSEFL // About the pupils thaie will be another aide mission later.

And don't you said that Jomei already changed into a blood-lust , cool and cold? Why he decide to take a girl , just injuried and he take her in? // It's quite , the reason are a bit too light to me.

About other 2 pupils , did you already talk to them about this yet? If yes , write it in the side story , not here please.
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i DID mention you at the beginning i have ur icon on it ._.
unless u mean ur oc's cause i need to work on developing their relationships before adding it to his profile ._.

i did mostly talk about him dear... from birth till now (just the adding of the pupil thing alongside it)
just tell me what u RLY need added the most into the profile

i'm actually starting to work on that... but didn't i mention throughout his profile that he still has kindness inside of him? but yes i am still working around that area

i only know one name and the girl is designing her oc into genin look since what she had was more jounin look
and the other girl i am designing her oc since she doesn't draw at all
and right no there is no details on it... as i tried to mention that its still being worked about for his storyline, i NEED to roleplay in order to continue on his profile, since nothing cannot be completed and worked on just out of the blue (not upset or anything just clarifying points)
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OK , I got it.

I know you really work hard and put it a lot , but.....I just want to say that , just don't add anything about pre-gen or-next-gen into you profile yet <:"3 That's all.

I just want a brief story of Jomei. You dont have to be serious about pre-gen or next-gen because you dont have to write about them yet <:"3

And about mention, just to make thing easier for me to track every character. I do have to check many , so I don't want to miss it. And It's nothing about Haon at all <:"3 We can do RP and develop our OR relationships later :"D
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isn't his past up until he gets the kiba and pupils more about himself though? lol

and yeah i know
i just get rly rly confused and etc (and my understanding is hard to understand too x.x)
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